About me

Claudia Merz Relocation Service was born out of my experience as mother, wife and entrepreneur relocating to more than 5 countries during the last 15 years. I experienced in person the importance of having someone with the cultural background of “both worlds” when you restart your living at a new country.

I appreciated very much the support received in the new country or city, not only for the executive, but also for all members of the family, a support accompaniening you from the arrival, personalized reception until you are fully embeeded in the “new” local culture.

I believe that a good relocation service is determining your mood and your feelings about your new home. Having someone to help you to understand “How we do things around here“ is key to get fast connected and feel comfortable with the upcoming challenges.

I´m here to support you with all professionalism, respect and dedication, you and your family deserve during your relocation.

We are here to help you!

Vision and Mission

I believe that any customer is unique. This is the reason why I seek to provide the best service for your individual situation and needs.

Customer first means to me to give priority to commitment, respect and dedication, focusing on your needs and wishes. Doing so, I can align you with the reality to live in Germany, ensuring success during your integration process and welcoming you in this country full of opportunities.